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House Painting In Aurora CO

Living In Aurora CO

Aurora is a diverse, growing city of over 386,000 people and 180,000 jobs. There are so many forces that drive population and economic change that it can be hard to understand exactly how Aurora became the city it is today.

In the last 50 years, Aurora's population has changed dramatically. We've grown by about 300,000 people during that time period. We are currently the third largest city in Colorado and 54th largest city in the country.

Anschutz Medical Campus

Number Of Houses In Aurora

Over the last couple of years Aurora has experienced exponential growth in housing units. Currently, over 50% of Aurora's housing units are single-family detached homes. It has over 450 neighborhoods and over 135,000 single family detached homes. Many more are in the planning stages.

Owning a Home In the High Elevation Desert

Aurora’s elevation is officially listed at 5,471 feet, however, depending on the part of town, the elevation varies between 4,800 feet and 6,235 feet which speaks to the diversity in weather conditions. Something Colorado homeowners are well aware of. Keeping ones home exterior can be an ongoing job.

Why The Fast Growth In Aurora CO?

This brochure will give you an idea of Aurora’s status locally and nationally:

Who doesn’t like a fresh new look to their home?

A new paint job will do that for you AND increase it's value, too.

We are Aurora House Painters, and we know a thing or two about painting houses! We specialize in both exterior and interior
painting, and take great pride in our work.

Our experienced professionals use proper preparation techniques to ensure that all surfaces are smooth and ready for paint.

We can also repair damaged walls, siding, drywall, plaster, cabinets, and more. Plus, we can paint or stain porches, decks, fences, garages - you name it!

So if you're searching for painting companies near me who will do the job right - look no further than our painting services.

Your Most Precious Asset

Your home is your most precious asset. Not just from an investment standpoint, but it’s where you and your family live. Actually it’s part of your family in a way.

You probably spend more time with it than you do with other members of your family. That’s why we spend so much energy keeping our homes looking good and making sure they are well kept.

Is It Time To Paint The House?

Even neighborhood HOA’s are always on the lookout for houses that are showing some wear and tear because it’s essential all the houses are looking good to keep the values of the neighborhood up.

That’s the “looking good” part, but you also want to protect your home from the conditions that can cause major problems to the surface. That’s where painting and staining come in.

Protecting Your home in Colorado

Freezing temperature, blistering sun, rain, hail, snow; Colorado gets it all and constantly tests the surfaces of your house.

House painting includes calking, plugging holes, fixing worn siding and anything else that comes up due to inspecting your property. Start with a power wash and you’ll see all that needs touched up before putting the fresh new coating of paint on. Now you’re home is protected for years to come.

And for our friends in Kamloops BC, give the Interior Painting Kamloops
experts a call.

When in Scottsdale, AZ please check out our friends at, Scottsdale Painters Services for your interior house painting.

Exterior House Painting

Taking care of your home starts with the exterior. This is the first thing you see when getting home and when the paint is looking a bit worn and tattered you know other things might be going on. This may be considered a signal to start getting the surfaces back to prepared for the coming weather conditions we know are impending. Plus it’s a good time to make any of the color or design changes we’ve been thinking about to add to our home's beauty. House paintings usually last 10 to 15 years, but in Colorado it’s closer to 7 to 12 years due to weather conditions.
Read More here.

Interior House Painting

Here’s where you can let your creative juices flow. We all change over time and what better place to demonstrate that than the interior walls of our home where we spend the majority of our time. Depending on the paint quality and preparation of the walls and ceiling, your interior may not need painted for 10 years, or, that inner child in you may be pushing you to test those desires for change. No matter how long you wait, this is the best time to have house painting professionals come in and lend a hand, or brush, or roller.
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House Paint Colors

We use the highest quality Sherwin-Williams paints to ensure your paint job lasts its longest possible. If you live in a HOA controlled community the By-Laws will have color guidelines for you to follow when considering painting the exterior of your house. A simple tool to use is:
Sherwin-Williams Homeowners Association Color Archive tool to see what choices you have.

Of course, painting the interior of your home is where you can let those creative juices flow freely. Want your living room to have one wall green and the other wall orange...
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House Painting Costs

Two Major Factors

When estimating house painting costs of your painting project the two major factors are; paint and labor.

Paint costs will be fairly fixed depending on colors; for example, if you are going to change from a darker color to a lighter color, you will probably need more than one coat and therefore more cost of paint.

Labor costs will be estimated by not only how long it will take to complete the painting, but how much time is spent in preparing and fixing the surface, whether it be exterior surfaces or the interior. Remember, the paint is not that expensive, it is the professional painter that is going to cost the majority of your expense.

When the pro comes out to give you and estimate, let them know what preparations you are planning on completing before the project starts that the painters won’t have to do before starting their painting. Simple things like trimming your shrubs, some simple caulking, cleaning reachable areas, can all save the painter some time and you some money.

Read more here.

Always Check With Your Local HOA For

Guidance On What Colors Are Acceptable

For Your Neighborhood

This Sherwin-Williams Tool Will Help You

Picking A House Painter In Aurora CO

Need your house painted? Look no further than
Aurora House Painters!

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to properly prepare all surfaces for painting, whether it's the exterior or interior of your home.

We're also skilled in repairing walls and other surfaces, so you can be confident that your home will look great when we're finished.

Plus, we offer a wide range of services like porch and deck painting and staining, fence painting, and garage painting, so you can give your home a complete makeover with just one phone call!

Aurora House Painters provides exterior house painting services for homes in Aurora and the entire Denver Metro Area at the best possible price with top quality results.

We believe that you should never have to choose between cost-savings and quality when hiring an exterior house painter in Arvada or anywhere else within our service area - Metro Denver.

Our goal is to provide affordable prices while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction through our friendly service staff and meticulous attention to detail on each job we complete!

Additionally, we offer free color consultation prior to starting any project so that you will know exactly what colors will look great on your home before even placing an order with us!

So if you're looking for an experienced exterior house painter near you, ask for a free, on site estimate today.

Colorado weather can be hard on a house from hail, rain,

snow, freezing temperatures, and blistering sun

(all in one day sometimes :-))

Surface Preparation Is Vital

For The Perfect Paint Job!

Aurora House Painters Does All This For You Included

Power Washing

Power washing and cleaning are done before inspecting all the surfaces.

Caulking & Filling Gaps

The inspection will show what holes and gaps need filling and caulked.

Repairing Trim

Some trim may need repaired or replaced and would be done prior to painting

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